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Digital Marketing For Politicians

Digital Marketing: The novel success mantra for politicians

WebSoft is the Top Best Political Campaign Management Companies Firms India. It provides Political Campaign Management, Election Campaign Management, Political Consulting, Political Survey, Opinion Poll, Exit Poll, Constituency Profiling, Election Management and Political Campaigning for Lok Sabha Elections, Assembly Elections, Legislative Elections.

Digital Marketing has become a requirement of the day, no matter what field it is. It is obligatory as it helps people know and understand your business. If suitable carrying out of online branding is not done, then the business remains unknown to its probable clients.

We at Websoft Developer believes that, ‘’the better candidate does not win, the better marketer does’’. For political organizations beholding to influence potential voters digital targeting is the one thing that can’t be ignored. Although voting is a responsive act, there are certain transactional indicators that can help forecast where a vote might be cast. When a political model is developed at New Vision Digital, we analyse the complete holistic view of a constituent – not just the last touch point as an enumerated voter.

First of all, we need to understand that digital marketing and politics both want the same thing: persuade people to do something. Convince them to buy a product. Convince them to vote for you. And convincing them takes exertion and time, of course.

 We have already served more than 1500 clients that include national parties, individual candidates and regional parties in almost whole of India. We have worked in almost all states in India like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Meghalaya, Tripura, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi,  Jharkhand, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, J&K, Goa, West Bengal, Bihar. We have done our research for Assembly Elections, Lok Sabha Elections, Municipal Corporation Elections.

Political Election Campaign Management Services Offered

  1. Political Survey – Complete Comprehensive Survey of Leader’s Constituency. Primary Research, Data Collection, Analysis, Reports and Mobile App
  2. Opinion Exit Poll – Accesses the present situation of the Leader Or Party in the Constituency
  3. Political Election Campaign Management – Complete Campaign Management and Strategy formation and come up with a winning formula for elections.
  4. The door to Door Survey – Each and every household is touched and Database of each household is obtained.
  5. The door to Door Campaigning – Campaigning is done in the whole constituency Each and every household is touched and various kinds of election material are distributed.
  6. Digital Social Media Management – Digital presence of the leader in every online resource, Google, Blogs, Facebook, twitter etc.
  7. War Room and Call Center – A War Room is conceptualized with a competent team. Our very experienced team forms the right strategy and implements it on the ground.

Election Political Campaign Management Details Methodology

Methodology: A field research will be carried out in the constituency at the Polling Booth level. 

The questionnaire will focus on the following parameters:

  1. Political Developmental aspects:
  2. Image of the Leaders Political Campaigning
  3. Image of the Parties
  4. Election Opinion Poll
  5. Important Issues.
  6. Party Network.
  7. Caste Equation
  8. Overall Ranking and Satisfaction

Political Campaign Management Reports Deliverables

After the Work Completion, we provide various kinds of reports and provide a complete strategy to win the Elections. We Suggest appropriate services at the right time to help our clients take a correct step and the right time.

  1. Analytical Ground Research Report- With All in-depth Analysis.
  2. Strategy Formation – Personalized Political Consulting by 12-year experienced team.
  3. Mobile App Or Desktop Application – Latest Mobile Application to see all data on the go.
  4. Prominent Social Media Presence – Connecting to the youth of your constituency.

ØWe can also start E-CAMPAIGN as soon as possible with the help of emails, websites, blogs and SMSes to influence those who are opinion makers. 

How is digital marketing helpful for a politician?

Digital marketing has made it tranquil for political campaigns to reach their target audience at a lesser cost equated to that required for traditional marketing. Digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing in almost every kind. This same trend is also accepted in political campaigns. Nevertheless, with the help of Digital Marketing you can produce a Buzz by the following these footprints:-

  • Running Social Media (i.e. Facebook, etc) Campaigns
  • Crafting your own website and showcasing your contribution to the society as a whole
  • Starting the slogans and logos
  • Video marketing, etc

Impact of Social Media on Indian Politics

  • The use of social media for politicians counting Twitter, Facebook and YouTube has dramatically transformed the way campaigns are run.
  • Social media played a dynamic role in deciding which party wins the most seats.
  • Facebook users have a marvellous impact over the results of the polls in 160 of India‘s 543 constituencies.
  • The youth is tech savvy and love being associated with updated trends and topics.

What included in our Digital Marketing for Politicians:

  • Our team with the help of radical tools like websites, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, ORM and many more will promote single voice through these platforms.
  • Our social podium will highlight important and prevailing issues.
  • We create online presence on all social media domains as we have skilled and creative team of mavens.
  • Our team make sure to encourage user participation on these forums.
  • We take pride in presenting you with our imaginative and unique agenda to promote you and your party on these platforms.
  • Last but definitely not the least, we offer top- class solutions to the problems through these podiums.

In case of any clarifications, please feel free to contact us.

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